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We are offering you a combination of innovation, elegance and tradition. Our hookah are true masterpieces made in Italy. The raw materials are gathered and hand-picked throughout the whole Italian territory, from the vineyards to the rivers, thus reaching our craftsmen who, in the Veneto region at 1200°, are blowing the glass ampoule on the irregular shapes of the base; our craftsmen are carving out the handles inside the marble cave’s workshops in Carrara and woodworking happens inside ancient Florentine workshops of the nineteenth century.

I hope you’ll find all the love we put into our work in our shisha.


Discover ZING universe meant for an audience with a refined taste who loves creating personal and unique lifestyles

ZING shisha

Events and Catering

A new level of service and catering that will give your event a touch of Italian luxury and surprise your guests.Whether it’s dream weddings, exclusive parties, “galas” or dinners, our shisha are the solution for any occasion. Zing’s products are changing the game’s rules in the market. Our company combines the extraordinary fruit aromas with a refined design.Our “modus operandi” is individual and totally personalized; we think about every single detail, from the decorations made at the moment to the search for the ideal combination of the client’s taste.

We are the only ones to offer an elegant and unsurpassed service in a style which is exquisitely Italian.



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